Laser Equipment Solutions

High power, large format, intelligent, automated

SMART PRO Series one of the mainstream models

Helping growth-type customer increase investment return ratio and decrease maintenance costs. Meet 100% metal processing needs

pro laser cutting machine

Lightweight, fast and easy to move

SMART HW laser welding machine solutions

Handheld fiber laser welding machine with optimal fiber laser beam, fast welding speed, high seam quality and no consumables

Smart hw laser welding machine solutions

High precision, versatile and stable performance

Smart – T Series plate and tube integrated machine

Imported high-precision transmission device, intelligent cutting head, automatic height adjustment, constant focus, consistent cutting quality

Industrial Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Laser Welding Machine

Laser Cleaning Machine

About us

National key high-tech enterprise, international standard-setting unit, leading organization and undertaking unit of national standard-setting The company has an enterprise technology center and a provincial key laboratory for laser advanced manufacturing technology


square meters of intelligent manufacturing production base


Since 1971, the world’s first industrial high- power laser cutting equipment has been developed.


Nearly 3000 employees


overseas sales and service centers

HGSTAR Commitment

HGSTAR provides high quality products and top-notch services to satisfy customers